About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Jacqueline

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Blossom Rentals, along with my mother Sophia. I design all our arches, choose & order each flower, and run the business with my moms support. 

I have a degree in Entreprenuership & Business from Purdue University, and studied Sinclair and Moores Floral Academy.

I will show you how to make these arches yourself to be rented for years without needing to be remade, as well as how to design them! 

I will also share everything you need to order for the floral arches and business!

We were the first to start this business in America and have won numerous awards as well as having been published nationally multiple times in the last 5 years with our beautiful arches as the focus of the business

Learn to make our top rented floral arches with step by step tutorials

When I started this business, I had never done anything in florals, but I knew I needed to be an expert to be profitable. So I spent nearly $10,000 on floral design courses trying to learn everything I could about making floral arches, only to realize these professional floral videos hardly taught me anything about the mechanics, and even less about the exact placement of the florals.

So with this course I wanted to explain every flower being placed, where I was placing it, and why. My teaching approach is for those with no floral experience to a moderate amount of experience. More specifically though, I teach you how to make these fake flowers look real in your designs. A key to our success!

I wanted to love what I was doing everyday!

I wanted to be outside in the spring, summer, and fall. I wanted to be around nature, flowers, and beauty. I didn't know at the time I wanted to design, but once I started, I couldn’t stop! It was so fulfilling to me, and didn't feel like work. Instead I found myself too excited to sleep, staying up late playing with flowers, and doing a happy dance every time I saw an order for an arch rental come through my phone. When you are working and don't realize it's considered work because it brings you so much fulfillment and joy, that is when your best life starts!

That is the joy I want to spread with this course.

The demand for this business is so high, I couldn't possibly do this all myself in every city. That is why it is the best time ever for you to start this business and have the success and happiness you have always dreamed of!

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